Welcome to West St Leonards Early Years Centre

Our setting plans to provide the children with exciting play and exploration opportunities that will support and promote their overall development in a safe, stimulating and caring atmosphere. This is created by appropriately trained, knowledgeable staff and with the close involvement of all our families within our nursery community who support our aims.

We sensitively provide activities, which use equipment that is appropriate for the age and stage of development of the child, stimulate their interest and encourage investigation. This will enable the children to practise existing skills and to build on those skills to acquire new ones.

We are aware of the importance of reflecting all members of society in a positive way, not just those who attend our setting but also the local community and society in general. We ensure that activities, equipment and displays provide a balanced view and one which allows children to show their own individual creativity without pressure to have an adult directed "perfect” end product.

All children need to experience a balance of adult led , freely chosen or child initiated activities and experiences tailored to their stage of development taking into account their individual needs.

We undertake sensitive observational assessment in order to plan to meet our children’s needs. We have staff who have undertaken additional training to take on the role as "Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator", and whenever necessary children will have additional support to ensure that each child reaches their full potential.

Although we are physically attached by the building to West St.Leonard’s Primary Academy, we are a separate entity and have charitable status. The children's fees, donations and fund raising solely support the nursery and a committee comprising of parents and representatives from the school supports us.

Parent Testimonials

Gary Smith
Our daughter has been attending WSL Nursery for almost 2 years now and feel very confident leaving her each day. The management and staff really care about the children and their development, they alw...

Sarah Barber
‘We were extremely pleased with the level of support and attention Cerys’ received during her time at The Early Years Centre. She was given the opportunity to engage in a wide range of activitie...