Welcoming Our Children

Home Visits and Settling Your Child

We are aware that this could possibly be the first time your child has been in a group situation, or has been away from you. Understandingly you both may be feeling very nervous. Children are all different and settling them in is a unique experience to that child, some may take a few minutes to settle whilst others the process may take weeks. Practitioners are here to support you through this transitional period, the most important thing to us is that your child has a happy time with us.

Prior to you bringing your child on their first day, two practitioners will come and visit you for approximately ten minutes , just to say ‘hello’ to your child , give you a photograph booklet depicting the nursery and some fun things to do with your child to bring with you when you start at nursery . We would recommend that you come and ‘stay and play’ with your child as frequently as you can prior to your child starting.

Spare Clothes

A lot of the activities that the children explore are very messy. Although we do try and endeavour to use aprons etc to protect your children, they often become so engrossed in what they are exploring that it is then necessary to change their clothing to make them feel more comfortable for the rest of the session. Children though toilet trained become engrossed in their play and do have accidents too. We do have a supply of spare clothes however, children often feel more comfortable with changing into their own familiar clothes from home. It would very helpful for us if these clothes were labelled with their name.

Thank you

Toilet / Potty Training

This is a very individual thing for each child and we will support you whatever stage you are at with your child. Please discuss this with a practitioner, you may need to bring your potty in or a child’s insert toilet seat which they are familiar with from home. We often find that when the children are in the company of others who use the toilet, then this process of training does not take very long. Do not worry if your child has accident at nursery, we are fully prepared and quite used to it, but please supply nappies and wipes please.


We would rather not have toys brought in from home, these often become muddled with the nursery toys or cause upset among the other children. However comfort toys kept in their bags to be used if they are unsettled are welcomed.

What do you need to provide for your child whilst they are at nursery?

  • A named bag with a change of clothes.
  • A favourite toy or comforter.
  • A piece of fruit /vegetable/savoury snack eg: - bread sticks etc.
  • Nappy changing products if applicable.

We would be delighted if you choose to entrust your child in our care.

'A warm welcome from us all at the Early Years Centre'.