Learning through play

Exploring and Learning in a play environment

Playing, learning, exploring and having fun with one another, is encouraged through play based activities which reflect the children’s current interest.

We are fortunate that we have an open plan main play room with an additional side room leading off from this. Which are bright and colourful and both lend themselves to create a mobile adaptable play exploration space. It also offers us the opportunity to change the play space spontaneously to accommodate the children’s creative free play. This is complimented by a large outdoor play environment which has level access ensuring that outdoor play opportunities are equal for all our children no matter what their individual needs are.

It has contrasting play spaces incorporating a grassed bank area, trees, digging patch, boat and both tarmac and safety play surfaces. We also have access to a large grassed area on the school playing field, which is affectionately known as ‘the meadow’. This is safe for the children to play and have fun together as it is secured by a colourful wooden fence and is supervised at all times


We are also fortunate to have a coach from 'Pass + Move' come every week for an hour session with the children.
It is lovely to see how the children have blossomed in their confidence and agility skills since this experience has
been introduced for them. They enjoy this experience in small groups of about 8 children for 20 minutes in our lovely outdoor grassed area which is affectionately known by the children as the meadow.

At Pass+Move we’re passionate about what we do, we believe that football should be a fun and inclusive sport for everyone. Our sessions are designed to encourage children to have fun whilst being active, we aim to help give the children the opportunity to learn new skills.

Not just football skills but also skills that will benefit them in everyday life such as Agility, Balance and Co-ordination these are transferable to all sports and life in general. Our sessions encourage children to work individually and to be part of a team and to work together, have respect for their coaches and the other children taking part in the session.
We gage how successful a session has been by making sure all the children are smiling and have learnt something new, we tailor each session to be age and ability relevant so that everyone is having fun and learning.