Fruit Café and Lunch

During the session the children enjoy the company of their friends, whilst tasting delicious fruits, vegetables and savoury snacks at our fruit café.

The children explore how and where these foods grow as they prepare them for the fruit café, using utensils to cut and slice them as well as their magic fingers when peeling fruits. The children are invited to the fruit café' when everything is prepared and can choose to do this at their leisure when their play allows!!

A drink of either milk or water is offered at this time, and the children are encouraged to pour their own drink into a cup or to fill up their cups with freshly cooled water from our water cooler. If your child has any allergies we will ask you to bring an alternative drink in for your child eg: - soya/goats milk, we don’t encourage sweet drinks at this time .

Water is freely available throughout the nursery session for the children.

Packed Lunch

At lunchtime the children are encouraged to have good hygiene routines, going to the toilet and washing their hands prior to lunch. Before sitting down, they are encouraged to select a matching coloured plate and cup and then to sit with their friends at the same colour table as their crockery.

The children are encouraged to eat a healthy diet, eating their savoury foods first and we actively discourage chocolate or sweets to be eaten at this time. These will be placed back into their lunch boxes alongside food that has been uneaten by your child.

Children Resting

If the children need a rest or a sleep throughout the day then soft mats are provided so they can rest comfortably.