Key Carers

Your child will be allocated a staff member who will become you child's key carer whilst they are at nursery. They will ensure that the individual needs and interest of your child in partnership with their parents/carers are met. Each child has a 'Special Story book' which is a record of their development and experiences reflected through sensitive observations, examples of things the children have created, and photographic evidence. The children's learning stories can be viewed at any time.

Parents/carers will be actively encouraged to contribute and discuss their child's progress at any time with their key care or any member of staff, but particularly every two terms at a parents 'Catch Up' meeting. Your key carer will complete a summative assessment of your child's development from observations already recorded in their Learning Story and will share your thoughts with us as we recognise that you are your child's main educators and for you to take home you child's special story and look at it together. We will also ask you to complete a 'parent's views section on the summary of your child's development.