Helping Hands Committee

Dear Parents/Carers

The committee would like to welcome you and your child/children to our 'Early Years Centre'.

The nursery is a charitable organization and therefore requires a team of parents/carers to become part of the 'Helping Hands' committee to support the running of the nursery. We hold regular informal meeting to discuss day-to-day issues concerning the nursery, for example funding training opportunities for the staff, becoming familiar with the new Government initiatives and how they are implemented at the nursery. Also monitoring the finances, employing new members of staff, fundraising activities and becoming involved with activities at the nursery.

We would like to invite you to become a member and feel involved with you child's learning journey. If you would like any more information please speak to a member of the committee or the nursery manager.

Please see this form for more details on how to become a Helping Hands committee member...