Sara Hakeem

Our daughter utterly loves attending West St Leonards Early Years Centre and is forever extolling the virtues of all her beloved nursery teachers!

The warmly welcoming and nurturing atmosphere is evident as soon as we set foot into the Nursery. Each and every one of the teaching staff are clearly passionate about what they do and genuinely care for the children in providing a safe, happy and engaging learning environment.

Every day there is a different array of various indoor and outdoor activities set-up for the children to enjoy. Our daughter loves to bring back her arts and crafts, paintings and tasty items she has helped cook to share with us at home.

I have appreciated the quality of feedback on how my child is progressing – from home visits and reassuring phone calls home when my child first started to informal chats, parent days and regular newsletters.

The biggest testament to the success of West St Leonards Early Years Centre is to witness how wonderfully happy, secure and busy all the children are!